Monetize your work

Make a big profit when your image get viral

  • Transparent tracking , daily reports
  • Monthly payouts
  • Stable and super fast image hosting
  • Lots of other special features

Affiliate program - Terms and conditions

  • You can upload only original material that you have created. The content that has been created by a third person or has already been uploaded on the internet may not be reuploaded by iMagus affiliates
  • Uploading pornografic or erotic content is not allowed
  • iMagus will share 60% profit created by your content which is 0.4 – 1.5 $ for every thousand unique picture viewing
  • Earnings are synchronized every hour and payments are calculated every first day of a month
  • You should use only image URLs (e.g., If you use hotlinks, or another pages where are no ads, you will not gain earnings
  • Viewing our sites by robots or users using Adblock will not be counted
  • iMagus payout works on the basis of NET30 system. It means that finalized profit for e.g. december will have a payout on january 30th
  • At the moment we support these payment methods:
    • PayPal
    • Bitcoin
    • Bank Transfer
  • Spamming is stricly forbidden. If you have a quality and interesting content it will become viral itself
  • Our mild advertisement policy is well accepted by all social media and websites for publishing third party content
  • Obey the rules of any website where you upload your iMagus links

Enjoy and have fun! Your iMagus Team